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Archive for December, 2009

Organ Gun

This is the only Dwarf unit that I have painted and I actually really enjoyed it.  I think if my son weren’t using the dwarfs, I probably would.  They’re very unique with how they use cannons, guns, etc.  However, they can be a PAIN to paint since they are so squat.  Lots of little details that are often obscured by shields, beards, armor, etc.  If/when I ever finish painting the units that I have, I’ll jump on the Dwarfs and Wood Elves to help Anna and Ethan.  🙂



Marauder Horsemen

This is one of the first units that I have ever painted for Warhammer Fantasy.  My current armies are Warriors of Chaos, Chaos Dwarfs, Daemons of Chaos, Skaven, Space Marines, and Tau.  My son, Ethan, works on Dwarfs, and my daughter, Anna, uses Wood Elves.  My first several posts will be of units that I have completed, after which we’ll see some works in progress.  My plan is to complete one unit per week, so hopefully I can keep it up!