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Blood Angels Terminator Sergeant with Thunder Hammer

I love this guy.  If I was to grow up and be a terminator space marine sergeant, it would be this one.  In Space Hulk, he can hold off entire hordes of Tyranids by himself if properly positioned.  I finished this guy on my hunting trip to Missouri (just fyi), and I have big plans for him with the new Blood Angels codex…



Ok, I’m back… finally

Holy crap, you’ve been busy Ryan!  I have been too, unfortunately not with Warhammer though.  I hate trying to get settled into a new place, it’s just so much work!  Not to mention the fact that the kids are in two seperate activities now. . .

Anyway, I have started working on the Flames of  War minis that I was talking about earlier.  I acquired these in a trade, and they were in various stages of completion.  Here are a few pics of the Brits that I’m working on.  These guys are from the British 8th Army that was involved in the North Africa campaign.

This is a Machine Gun Platoon with transports, a Royal Artillary Platoon, and a Light Tank Platoon.  I hope to put the finishing touches on these guys either tomorrow or Saturday.  I need to finishe the bases and do shading/highlighting.  Lots more to do!


Blood Angels Chaplain

I am SO stoked about the Blood Angels that are getting ready to come out.  Chaplains are super important for their Death Company units… unfortunately, I’m planning on giving them jump packs, which means either this guy won’t get used, or I need to add a jump pack.  Either way, I think he turned out really good.  🙂


Chaos Warhounds

These were pretty simple, but I thought I’d get them out of the way.  😀

I finished up all of my Daemons except Epidemius last night.  10 Bloodletters, 10 Daemonettes, 5 Flesh Hounds, Karanak, The Masque, Skulltaker, a Fiend of Slaanesh, a Beast of Nurgle, and a Bloodcrusher of Khorne.  Tonight I’ll add grass and clear coat to them and they’ll be ready for the table.  😀


Mentors Space Marine Tactical Squad

I really like the paint scheme for these guys, but its really hard to pull off.  I like the story behind the Mentors as well.  They are a science and research chapter that attaches itself to other chapters to learn.  They use the newest technology and are rarely seen in large numbers.  Currently, I have a 50/50 Mentors and Blood Angels Force.  That way I can use them all as either vanilla space marines or Blood Angels.  When they’re Blood Angels, the Mentors are trying to learn from the Blood Angels.  When they’re Vanilla, the Mentors are trying to bring the Blood Angels back into the regular Chapter organization.  Works either way.  🙂

Made more progress on the Daemons last night; I should have all of them done tonight (with the exception of Epidemius, which I haven’t started yet).


Chaos Marauders

The last of my earlier units.  I actually had this one split.  I did the first 10, and then finished the last 10 about 6 months later.  I had to keep one that I finished earlier out on the desk while I worked on them so I could make sure I kept the same paint scheme.  :p

Well… I didn’t finish a unit last week, but in a day or two, I will finish 6 units.  😀  Daemons of Chaos are SO easy to paint since they have such a simple paint scheme and they’re mostly 1 color depending on what deity they serve.  more to come…


Blood Angels Terminator Librarian

40K Thursday, anyone?  The models that came with Space Hulk were amazing, and I decided to do Blood Angels solely because of them (and now that BA are getting ready to be re-released, I’m all the happier).  I went ahead and based all the Space Hulk pieces so I could use them for regular 40k as well.  You just have to catty-corner the pieces a little if they are in adjacent squares.  🙂