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Chaos Dwarf Death Rocket

A long time ago when I used to be interested in Warhammer but was not old enough to have a job, I used to love these guys.  Chaos Dwarfs had some real unique combinations that for some reason I thought were really cool.  They were evil dwarfs with tusks.  Not only that, they could use magic.  They had bull centaurs.  And rockets.   Low and behold, one day I start to get interested in Warhammer as an adult, and they have discontinued Chaos Dwarfs.  Recently, they even made the rules impossible to find legally, and if you try to get them from another source, you can get in real trouble, which means if you don’t already have the rules… too bad.  Well, I’ve decided to collect these guys regardless, but the problem is that they are hard to come by.  A majority of my Chaos dwarfs have been converted from the Battle for Skull Pass starter kit, where I used the techniques from http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com to change dwarfs into Chaos Dwarfs and Night Goblins into Hobgoblins.  It took a while, and I cut off a chunk of my finger in the process.  The image above is one of two original units that I have.  The other is a Sorcerer on a Llammasu, which I haven’t painted yet.

On a side note, I made some decent progress on my giant yesterday.  I think I will have him finished by tonight or tomorrow…



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