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Chaos Dwarf Lord on Great Taurus

This is one of my better conversions (though it took a pretty long time).  I took a toy horse body (for the body position), gave it a Bull head and hooves, Dragon wings, and green stuffed it all to make it smooth and give it a saddle.  The Lord is a Dwarf from Battle for skull pass that was mixed with a Chaos Knight.  The pictures do not do justice for the size of this thing.  I believe it is slightly taller than a giant.

On the same note, I finished my Chaos Warriors last night, as well as my Hellpit Abomination.  All they need is some static grass and clear coat and they’ll be ready to photo/field.  I am also out of pictures to put up here, so tonight I have to start photographing everything else that I have finished, so it’ll be quite a lot.  Happy MLKJ Day!



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