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Ok, I’m back… finally

Holy crap, you’ve been busy Ryan!  I have been too, unfortunately not with Warhammer though.  I hate trying to get settled into a new place, it’s just so much work!  Not to mention the fact that the kids are in two seperate activities now. . .

Anyway, I have started working on the Flames of  War minis that I was talking about earlier.  I acquired these in a trade, and they were in various stages of completion.  Here are a few pics of the Brits that I’m working on.  These guys are from the British 8th Army that was involved in the North Africa campaign.

This is a Machine Gun Platoon with transports, a Royal Artillary Platoon, and a Light Tank Platoon.  I hope to put the finishing touches on these guys either tomorrow or Saturday.  I need to finishe the bases and do shading/highlighting.  Lots more to do!



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  1. These are looking pretty good to me, yo! 😀 What is the scale on these? they seem a lot smaller than Warhammer figs… can you put a Warhammer fig next to one of these to show the scale difference? Great job!


    January 29, 2010 at 10:37 am

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