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New Projects!

Ok, no pics yet, but I’m going to work on two projects this month.  I am going to work on my old Beastmen and Christy got me a new Daemon army for my birthday!  I got the new Beastmen book, along with some of the new Ungors (scirmishers with bows?  Yes please!), and have decided to give them a go.  I hate the new minotaur models, but have plenty of the old metal ones, along with chariots and beast herds.  I’m not entirely happy with the new book, but it has potential.  I’m thinking Doombull, BSB in chariot, scroll caddy, MSU beast units, redirecting warhounds, and then a few minotaur units and chariots to kill stuff.  It will be fast and hard to pin down. 

My daemons are going to be pretty nasty, and I’ll probably save them for playing against hard armies or people I don’t like.  🙂  Actually, I’m mostly looking forward to painting them.  We’ll see how long it takes me to come up with a color scheme.  I have so many ideas!  It’s going to be a nice mix of the different chaos gods.

As for actually playing games, there’s a tournament coming up here next month.  The third weekend I think.  I plan on playing in it, so I need to get in some practice games and shake off the rust, not to mention which army I want to use.  Luckily, there are several people at work who play, so I’m hosting a gaming night this Friday and possibly a painting/pizza session on another day.  I hear there’s a pretty good mix of talent and army lists here, so it should be interesting.  The biggest tournament they’ve had here was 16 players, so they are pretty small events too.  I’m excited to play!


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  1. The painting/pizza night is a great idea! I may try that out with some dudes here. The beastmen book is alright, but I think its sub-par to the Skaven book that just came out… Daemons are a lot of fun to paint, and quick, too! I finished the entire Spearhead box (painting, not assembling) in less than 2 weeks! 😀

    February 12, 2010 at 12:02 pm

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