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Civil War

I don’t have any pics to post just yet, as I’m still working on my stuff.  I’m painting large batches, so it takes me a while.  I wanted to play last Friday, and I am not going to play with my Daemons until they’re painted, so I went ahead and took my Dark Elves to the local gaming night.  It was my themed “Temple of Khaine” list with Executioners, Witch Elves, and the Cauldren of Blood.  I’ve been told repeatedly that this army list sucks and is full of bad choices.  That’s usually before I wipe someone’s over-hyped units off the table with my “bad army” though.  Don’t believe everything you read in White Dwarf or Warseer.com!  🙂  My general was a Death Hag with the cauldren, and I had a Death Hag BSB with the ASF banner in the Execs.  My other two characters were lvl 2 Sorceresses and then of course I had an assassin, shades, a couple of bolt throwers, harpies, and a couple units of Dark Riders (my favorite unit.)  There were mostly 40K players there, but there was a woman there who was looking for a fantasy game, so I agreed.  She had Dark Elves too, so this was going to be interesting.  She had a much tougher list than mine too!  Bolt throwers, a hydra, 2 units of knights, black guard, and a lvl 4 sorceress on pegasus with the focus familiar (this combo makes her nearly impossible to get to.)  She informed me that she had been playing for 9 years and seemed to know what she was doing.  However, she had a cookie-cutter army list and players who use those tend to have cookie-cutter strategies.  Rely on the strength of your list and steamroll over the enemy.  This is exactly what she tried to do.

Unfortunately for her, I had a few nasty tricks up my sleeve.  🙂  First of all, she stuck her hydra and knights out on the far flanks.  Not a problem, I have harpies and fast cav.  Those guys will never see a meaningful combat.  Then comes my execs, who are comonly known as a sub-standard unit when compared to Black Guard.  However, with +1 attack and stubborn from the cauldren, asf from the witch BSB (who has 5 base attacks with the killing blow gift), you are looking at 6 St 4 attacks and 9 St 6 attacks all with hatred and killing blow.  They can hold their own against almost anything!  I put them right in the center flanked by witches and followed by the cauldren.  My favorite trick however, is the cloak that I put on one of my sorceresses that allows her to scout.  I stuck her in some woods with the shades on my opponent’s side of the table to deal with the other flank.  A level 2 sorceress can be almost as powerful offensively as a lvl 4 when using dark magic, and she proceeded to tear up the entire flank on that side of the table.  Using her Darkness spell to get free dice, I was able to blast apart a unit of knights and destroy half of the Black Guard in the first two turns of the game.  The other flank was held up the entire game, getting march blocked and trying to chase harpies and dark riders.  I always give my Dark Riders crossbows, even though most people think they aren’t worth it.  It’s much harder to ignore fast cav if they are peppering you with crossbows all the way across the table though!  As for the rest of her army, they were chopped to bits by my frenzied Khainite units in the middle of the table, as they had no support from the flanks.  The only thing that even gave me a small amount of trouble was her sorceress, but once I got dark riders behind her lines, I was able to nutralize her somewhat.  Massacre for the followers of Khaine!  All she had left at the end was the sorceress with half wounds, half a unit of knights that never saw combat, and the hydra.  I was glad to find that I wasn’t too rusty, and it was really nice to play again after such a long break!



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  1. did she take it bad or was she impressed by your strategy? I must say that was some impressive sizing-up of the battlefield! 😀

    February 23, 2010 at 10:15 am

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