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Tau Crisis Suits

I essentially painted these guys twice.  I painted them once how I wanted (including all their tiny weapons) and then the weapons wouldn’t stick in the slots, so I had to magnetize and re-paint.  ugh.  Last night I worked on my pathfinders and firewarriors and made some good progress while watching Inglorious Basterds, which was actually a pretty good movie.

I can’t give quite the detailed battle report that Doug gave, since it was last Friday, but I played a fantasy game against a friend that did not go well for my opponent.  We did 2500 points Warriors of Chaos vs Orcs and Goblins.  By turn 3, it was pretty obvious that Chaos was going to win.  I took Throgg the Troll King, so I had him in a unit of Trolls which took out a giant on turn two.  I had a Chaos lord on Behemoth with a unit of Knights that broke a unit of Savage Orcs on turn 2 that fled into Wulfric the Wanderer and his Marauders who had just shown up on the table in turn 2.  My Forsaken killed a unit of night goblins, and Scilla Anfingrim killed another unit of Savage Orcs in turn 3.  My Hellcannon failed its leadership in turn one and rushed forward.  In turn 2, it misfired, but I rolled a 6, so it landed right on target at strength 10, killing 9 Black Orcs, who miraculously passed their leadership since they had Grimgore in their unit.  That Hellcannon is SCARY.  If it had gotten into combat with a regular unit instead of Grimgore’s ASF S7 madness, it would have done some serious damage.  The best unit of the game?  my Marauder Cavalry.  I know that sounds weird, but every time they were charged, they just ran away and reformed the next turn, setting up the charging unit for a counter charge.   Every.  Single.  Time.  It must have happened 3 times in the course of the battle.  I wish I had another unit just for that reason.  It’s super scary when they feign like that and the charging unit gets counter charged by S5 Great Weapon weilding Dragon Ogres…


1 unit per week commitment
Weeks this year:    7
Units Completed: 16


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