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Almost ready for the tournament!

Ok, I’m almost done with these now, and just in time too! My tournament is this coming weekend, so I am trying to hurry and finish these guys. There are things that still need finished, but I am going to work on them throughout the week, with the flamers and seekers first in line. As it stands, I feel like I can put this army on the table right now, and it isn’t too bad.

My list is as follows:

Herald of Khorne on Jugger with Armour of Khorne and Firestorm Blade (General)

Herald of Slaanesh BSB, Lvl 1 with Icon of Despair, Allure of Slaanesh, and Siren Song

Herald of Tzeench with Master of Sorcery

The Masque

17X Bloodletters with full command, Icon of Endless War
15X Daemonettes with full command, Banner of Ecstasy (stubborn)
10X Horrors with Icon of Sorcery
10X Horrors with Icon of Sorcery

3X Screamers
5X Seekers
5X Flesh Hounds

5X Flamers
3X Fiends

I feel like I have enough tricks in here to deal with most things I may encounter, along with the leadership nerfing combo. I’ll be posting a report of my tournament, and hopefully some pics of the armies I play against as well.



One response

  1. dude… where’d you get the seekers? your army looks fantastic!

    March 22, 2010 at 9:09 am

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