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2nd Overall at Brim Frost 2010!

Ok, I’ll have to say that my first (and possibly only) tournament with this army was quite a success. I finished 2nd overall with a record of 2-1-0, a 9/10 paint score, and max sportsmanship score (no greater daemon helped I’m sure). I had a great time, and 3 games against great opponents. My first game was against the same Skaven player that I had my first practice game against. He was the one guy that I didn’t want to face in the first round, as he has a tough army and is an even better player. We fought to a draw, and he went on to win the whole thing. I was only about 100 points away from getting the victory against him too! What might have been. . . 🙂

He castled in a corner and sent his slave units out to slow me down, backed up by a Doom Wheel and the HBA (Hell Pit Abomination). Ugh, those are disgusting (says the daemon player. . .)! 😆 His Grey Seer on the bell sat back in his bunker and tried to blast me with magic. Luckily he miscast twice while trying to cast the 13th spell! I shot his doomwheel down with the flamers and lost half of my daemonettes and half of the flesh hounds just to take the HPA down to half wounds and chase it away. He hid it for the rest of the game so that I couldn’t shoot it. I used Death on my Tzeench Herald, which would have been golden if he could have successfully cast anything! In the end, we only made it to turn 4 and I was unable to get enough points out of him to get the win. If we had enough time for one more turn, I would have gotten his HPA with the flamers and gotten to one of his more expensive units with the Khorne unit. Ah well, it’s better than a loss right?

My 2nd game was against another good player, but this time with a softer list. He had a WoC Throg list with a couple scroll caddies, tons of Trolls, Ogres of Khorne, and 2 nasty units of Drogres! Oh, and a very annoying champion of Tzeench on a disk that had the 2d6 St1 shooting thing (can’t think of the name off hand). I figured it would be a good matchup for me and chose lore of fire. Anyway, he got to go first, and was right up in my face on turn 1, giving me only 1 turn to shoot/magic him before he hit my line. That didn’t go so well, and I only did 2 wounds after all was said and done. The MVP of this game was the Khorne Herald, who chopped through everything that got in his way. Backed up by some shenanigans from the Masque, they ran 3 nasty units right off the table. He still had enough hitting power to get some of my softer units denying me the massacre, and the guy on the disc was golden, as he took out my seekers and helped to finish off my flamers. I got the win, but he didn’t make it too easy on me! Thinking back on the game, I probably could have prevented him getting full points for a couple units. I got the win, but definately could have played this one better. I probably underestimated him a bit.

Game 3 was vs the Empire. It was a soft list with lots of infantry and no Stank! Muahahaha! This game was very one-sided, but he was a cool guy to play with and a great sport. He made the game interesting for a few turns with some amazing break tests when our lines met, but there was just no way he could stop my superior troops. My seekers and the Masque took out his artillery on turn 2, the flamers did 13 wounds to a unit of 5 pistoliers on the flank, while my fiends chased off a unit of knights after killing a couple. My characters slaughtered his in challenges, and this game would have been over on turn 3 if not for some amazing leadership rolls on his part. He got a needed insane courage, plus 3 other rolls at 4 or less, allowing him to stick in for a while. Once again though, the Khorne Herald and his entourage ate through everything in their path, and his only threatening unit (great swords) were torn apart by the daemonettes. Great opponent, but he was completely overmatched by the daemons.

In all of the excitement, I forgot to get pics of my own army! However, there was a photographer there, so I’ll get some from him and post them ASAP. Thanks for taking the time to read!



2 responses

  1. sounds pretty awesome dude. The chaos army was a lot like one that I would have fielded, only not as many trolls and ogres, and with some knights. I’m glad you did so well! Why is this possibly your last tournament?

    March 23, 2010 at 9:45 am

  2. Thanks! I meant my last tournament with the daemons army. I sort of feel like I’m using a crutch at times. 🙂

    March 23, 2010 at 10:18 am

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