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A few more pics from the tournament and a new DLPT score

Sorry I haven’t done much on here this week, but it was the last week of the language class that I’ve been in, and I DLPT’d yesterday and Wednesday, so I’ve been focused entirely on that.  However, I do have good news!  I got a 2/2+, which is a great score for me since the new DLPT came out.  Yay me!  🙂   Here are a few pics from the photographer at the tournament.  He is still going through them, but he sent me these to get me started at least.  More to come soon.

Anyway, I haven’t gotten too much done in terms of hobbies, but I plan to get back into it again this weekend.  I have toyed around with a few beastmen models and have some ideas, so you will start seeing those pretty soon. 



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  1. awesome score on the DLPT, dude! Those models look fantastic as well! 😀 Couple people dropped out, so tonight is going to be Space Wolves, Battle Sisters, and Black Templars vs Vanilla Space Marines and Imperial Guard. 2000 pts each side… should be interesting.

    March 26, 2010 at 11:21 am

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