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Painted Tau Army

Holy Crap!  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted, but fear not!  I have taken a ton of photos and have been painting during my break.  Following Doug’s advice, I will be posting Army pics this week.  Only finished models will be included in these photos.

This is my Tau army to date.  I have painted everything Tau that I own, although this army is not quite tournament-ready.  I need to get one more Battleforce to fill out my Kroot and Stealth Team.  I also need to get some Piranhas, Broadsides, and one more Hammerhead.  HOWEVER, it’s fully painted, and I’m pretty proud of that.

I have been booking on painting since that last time I logged on.  Since I last wrote on here, I have completed some scenery, which I will not include towards my total, a Soul Grinder, 15 Plague Monks, 4 Plague Censer Bearers, 3 Jezzails, 5 Assault Marines, 5 Death Company, Mephiston, a Storm Raven, 4 Blood Angels Assault Terminators, 1 Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest Terminator (I won’t count any new sanguinary priests until I get past their max of 3), and a Tau Devilfish (I think that’s it).  New totals are posted below.  It’s great to be back!  🙂


1 unit per week commitment
Weeks this year: 16
Units Completed: 37


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