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Blood Angels Painted Army

Here are my currently completed Blood Angels… well, that’s not entirely true.  I also have 5 Death Company (Hence the Dreadnought) and Mephiston completed, but they are currently at my local GW store for a contest.  I really love all the new stuff for the BA codex.  I have 5 more death company, 5 more assault marines, a Baal Predator, the Sanguinor, and a Venerable dreadnought that’s going to be converted into a Librarian Dreadnought on the way.  There is so much variety in their codex that I could do a ton of different lists and never have to worry about tiring out my options.

Yesterday I painted during the day and assembled at night.  I put together 8 more dryads for my daughter, a rhino/razorback for my Blood Angels, and 3 Screamers and 3 Flamers for my Chaos Daemons.  Currently, I’m working on my Plague Furnace, Plague Catapult, Chaos Lord on Behemoth, Ratling gun, and Plague Priest.  I should have them all done by Friday…


1 unit per week commitment
Weeks this year: 16
Units Completed: 37


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