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Painted Warriors of Chaos Army

This is the army that I’ve had the longest, and it’s STILL not finished!  :/  Plus, with 8th edition coming out, it looks like I may need to look into having units 10 wide… urgh.  I’ve got some converted Dragon Ogres in here, and you’ll also notice the Khorne Bloodletters, which are perfect substitutes for Forsaken.  I’m painting a lord on Behemoth this week, and I still have 5 Chaos Knights, Prince Sigvald, 3 Chaos Ogres, Throgg the Troll King, a Khorne Exalted Champion, and a Chaos Exalted Champion on Daemon Mount.  Really, not a whole lot, but a lot of it is mounted which can be a pain.

I’m still on track to finish my painting for the week (4 units, yo), but I’m not at work tomorrow, so you’ll get the next update on Monday.  Have a great weekend!


1 unit per week commitment
Weeks this year: 16
Units Completed: 37


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