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Blood Angels Assault Terminators

I’m not sure why there’s only 5 in this picture, but I have 6 Assault Terminators if you include Sgt Gideon from Space Hulk.  My friend Bill kindly donated his left over assault terminator bits so I could convert my assault on Black reach models.  I still have 4 more that need converting, but I don’t have the bitz yet.  🙂

I didn’t finish my complete commitment for the week, so it’ll carry over to this week.  I did, however finish one unit of Flamers and one unit of Screamers, so those totals will be added to the tallies below.

Today is my oldest son’s birthday, so we will be going to see Iron Man 2 on IMAX this afternoon.  Yay!


1 unit per week commitment
Weeks this year: 18
Units Completed: 44


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