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Completed Units

Queek Headtaker

Queek was pretty straight forward as far as painting.  He makes a pretty good death star unit as far as stormvermin are concerned…. wish he could be included in a Bell unit.

I have been painting and painting and painting rats!  I’m starting to get sick of them and I’m not even half done.  I still have 40 rats and 3 weapons teams left who need fur highlights, which means I’ve added Highlights to 5 Rat Ogres and 80 rats (or so).  Once I finish the fur, I’ll add the skin tone, followed by the basing highlights, the cloth, and the metal.  Probably another two weeks before I finish all these…



Giant Rats

I actually enjoy taking a large unit of Giant Rats, particularly if they have Skweel Gnawtooth in their unit.  He adds some unpredictability to what they’ll end up doing, but poison attacks or extra attack from a large unit of rats can have a negative effect on any unit.  I definitely need to make some more of these; they’re pretty simple, especially since all things skaven come with extra rats.

Finished adding brown to all my rats and red base and red highlight to all my tanks.  I started adding fur highlights to my rats last night, but only got about 18 rats and 4 rat ogres.  More tonight…


1 unit per week commitment
Weeks this year:    1
Units Completed: 0

8th Edition

This is coming out so soon I can taste it!  Unfortunately, I have another video contest deadline a week from Sunday, so I’m going to be out for another week or so… in the meantime, enjoy this Plague Mortar!  😀

Plague Monks

Alrighty, lets do a proper update.  These guys are nasty in combat, and I expect them to be doubly nasty in 8th edition… need to get more…

Over the last several weeks, I haven’t done a ton of painting, but I’ve managed to build and prime (with magnetized, exchangeable arms) a Battle force of Tyranids, a box of Gargoyles, and a Hive Tyrant.  In addition to that, I finished a Warlock Engineer, Deathmaster Sniktch, Queek Headtaker, 5 Chaos Knights, and a Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount.  Numbers updated below:


2 units per week commitment
Weeks this year: 26
Units Completed: 59

Censer Bearers

This has been a really crazy few weeks!  I’ve been entering some directing competitions, so not much painting.  I’m also late getting home from work, so here’s some skaven goodness to tide you over…

Tau Devilfish

Basic transport for the Tau Army.  The Pathfinders you see in the foreground can only be taken if you have a devilfish for them.  Finished my Librarian Dreadnought and Throgg the Troll King last night; numbers updated below.


2 units per week commitment
Weeks this year: 20
Units Completed: 54


These guys are pretty good for hanging out in the woods and shooting.  While their guns aren’t that powerful, they get good cover saves and have a decent assault phase if anyone gets too close.

Finished the Sanguinor last night and got close to finishing the Librarian Dreadnought.  It looks like I need to update my commitment, because I already hit it for the year; new Commitment:  2 Units per week.


2 units per week commitment
Weeks this year: 20
Units Completed: 52