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Blood Angels vs Orks

The mission is what screwed me over.  We decided to do a Battle Mission and Jeffrey complained that he had never gotten to do an ork one, so instead of rolling a D6 on the Orks and Marines chart, we rolled a D3 on the Orks chart.  We got their first, crappy mission.  Only Fast Attack could start on the board, everything else had to be in reserve.  My only Fast Attack was my Baal, and I sure as heck wasn’t going to have it start on the table with nothing else, so I kept it in reserve.
My initial plan was to load up my Storm raven with death company and a death company dreadnought, and to have the Terminators deep strike on the Raven’s locator beacon.  The problem with the Raven is that it is not a dedicated transport, so I would need to start the units close to each other and load it on the first turn before it took off.  Had we done a regular mission, it would have worked perfectly, because the terminators wouldn’t be able to arrive until turn 2 at the earliest.
Unfortunately, my Baal, Storm Raven, and razorback assault marines arrived on turn 1, my vindicator, rhino tac marines, and death company arrived on turn 2, and my 2 dreadnoughts and terminators showed up on turn 3.  Therefore, by the time I saw combat with these guys, it was turn 4 and the orcs were already halfway across the table.
In the end, I killed most of his dudes (the vindicator killed 13 orcs in one shot!), but we ended in a draw.
On the last turn (6), he had a troop deff dread sitting on an objective and I had my tac marines sitting on an objective.  His nobs assaulted my tac marines, and they came off the the objective when they piled in (3 1/2 inches away)  I managed to drive off the nobs in my turn with a psychic morale check at -2 leadership from my Librarian, but it was too late for my tac marines to get to the objective (except that now that I think about it, they could have run during the shooting phase… DANG IT!!!).  He still had 1 objective though, right?  WRONG!  I flew my storm raven 18 inches to contest the objective, and while I was there I thought, “as long as I’m here, why not take a shot with my machine spirit?”  I shot his deff dread with my twin linked las cannon, rolled a penetrating hit, and rolled a SIX!!!  So in the end, no one had an objective, thus the tie.
Things I learned:
1.  Deff Copters with Buzzsaws and death rokkits are DEADLY!!!  They work like space marine bikers and they have two wounds each, so your best bet is to shoot them with something S10 to auto kill them or to charge them with power weapons and lots of attacks.
2.  troops, troops, troops!!!  I had 1 assault and 1 tac unit.  The assault unit was dead by turn 4 (see #1) and the tac unit
was simply not enough to cut the mustard on holding 3 objectives.  (death company are troops, but not scoring)
3.  I had my initial plan in my head when I started, and I should have adjusted instead of waiting for my reserves to arrive.
4.  The Baal Predator rocks!  Even with the bad position that it was in (it was alone on one side of the table with the entire ork force running at it), it still managed to do 140pts of damage before it was overtaken.
5.  The Magna Grapple is… interesting.  I used it on one of my own disabled tanks to try to tank shock the orks that were in front of it.  It only moved a couple inches, so no tank shock, but it would have been pretty interesting to see it work like that.
6.  Death Company are cool, but they are not invincible.  I had 5 death company take out a unit of 25 orks, but only 2 survived, even with 3+ armour and Feel No Pain.
7.  The Death Company Dread is not meant to take on units with AV!!!  I knew this going into it, and I received a charge from a Deff Dread, which tied up my dread for the rest of the game.  Also, even though he gets to re-roll successful wounds as new attacks, I only managed to kill 7 Orks in one round… I was expecting to see a much higher number…
8.  Librarian Dreads with Wings of Sanguinus are DEADLY!!!  They move like jump pack troops!

Plague Monks

Alrighty, lets do a proper update.  These guys are nasty in combat, and I expect them to be doubly nasty in 8th edition… need to get more…

Over the last several weeks, I haven’t done a ton of painting, but I’ve managed to build and prime (with magnetized, exchangeable arms) a Battle force of Tyranids, a box of Gargoyles, and a Hive Tyrant.  In addition to that, I finished a Warlock Engineer, Deathmaster Sniktch, Queek Headtaker, 5 Chaos Knights, and a Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount.  Numbers updated below:


2 units per week commitment
Weeks this year: 26
Units Completed: 59

Censer Bearers

This has been a really crazy few weeks!  I’ve been entering some directing competitions, so not much painting.  I’m also late getting home from work, so here’s some skaven goodness to tide you over…

Tau Devilfish

Basic transport for the Tau Army.  The Pathfinders you see in the foreground can only be taken if you have a devilfish for them.  Finished my Librarian Dreadnought and Throgg the Troll King last night; numbers updated below.


2 units per week commitment
Weeks this year: 20
Units Completed: 54


These guys are pretty good for hanging out in the woods and shooting.  While their guns aren’t that powerful, they get good cover saves and have a decent assault phase if anyone gets too close.

Finished the Sanguinor last night and got close to finishing the Librarian Dreadnought.  It looks like I need to update my commitment, because I already hit it for the year; new Commitment:  2 Units per week.


2 units per week commitment
Weeks this year: 20
Units Completed: 52

Blood Angels Terminators

Here they are in their full glory; my full 10-man squad of Blood Angels Terminators.  These guys are super tough in their own rites, but I’m totally looking forward to sticking a Sanguinary priest with them to give them Feel No Pain…

Didn’t finish my commitment over the weekend due to being over-committed with other things.  I’ll finish them this week, however.


1 unit per week commitment
Weeks this year: 20
Units Completed: 51

Tau Fire Warriors

These guys definitely need a new codex.  They have strong weapons, but they don’t work very well against Space Marines.  That combined with their bad armour save makes them pretty weak.  These are both of my squads.  I’m hoping to pick up another battleforce at some point in the future, so I’ll eventually have 3, but I think that’ll be overkill except in large games.  The only real reason to take them is that they hold objectives.

Did some more painting last night.  I should finish this batch tonight or tomorrow night.


1 unit per week commitment
Weeks this year: 19
Units Completed: 51