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Skaven Plague Furnace

Added brown to 8 more rats last night and the bases of all the aforementioned items.  Tonight’s date night, so the painting should commence tomorrow night!

Plague furnace really wasn’t that bad to paint, just the inside joints were a pain to get to…


1 unit per week commitment
Weeks this year:    1
Units Completed: 0



Painted Tau Army

Holy Crap!  It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted, but fear not!  I have taken a ton of photos and have been painting during my break.  Following Doug’s advice, I will be posting Army pics this week.  Only finished models will be included in these photos.

This is my Tau army to date.  I have painted everything Tau that I own, although this army is not quite tournament-ready.  I need to get one more Battleforce to fill out my Kroot and Stealth Team.  I also need to get some Piranhas, Broadsides, and one more Hammerhead.  HOWEVER, it’s fully painted, and I’m pretty proud of that.

I have been booking on painting since that last time I logged on.  Since I last wrote on here, I have completed some scenery, which I will not include towards my total, a Soul Grinder, 15 Plague Monks, 4 Plague Censer Bearers, 3 Jezzails, 5 Assault Marines, 5 Death Company, Mephiston, a Storm Raven, 4 Blood Angels Assault Terminators, 1 Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest Terminator (I won’t count any new sanguinary priests until I get past their max of 3), and a Tau Devilfish (I think that’s it).  New totals are posted below.  It’s great to be back!  🙂


1 unit per week commitment
Weeks this year: 16
Units Completed: 37