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Queek Headtaker

Queek was pretty straight forward as far as painting.  He makes a pretty good death star unit as far as stormvermin are concerned…. wish he could be included in a Bell unit.

I have been painting and painting and painting rats!  I’m starting to get sick of them and I’m not even half done.  I still have 40 rats and 3 weapons teams left who need fur highlights, which means I’ve added Highlights to 5 Rat Ogres and 80 rats (or so).  Once I finish the fur, I’ll add the skin tone, followed by the basing highlights, the cloth, and the metal.  Probably another two weeks before I finish all these…



Giant Rats

I actually enjoy taking a large unit of Giant Rats, particularly if they have Skweel Gnawtooth in their unit.  He adds some unpredictability to what they’ll end up doing, but poison attacks or extra attack from a large unit of rats can have a negative effect on any unit.  I definitely need to make some more of these; they’re pretty simple, especially since all things skaven come with extra rats.

Finished adding brown to all my rats and red base and red highlight to all my tanks.  I started adding fur highlights to my rats last night, but only got about 18 rats and 4 rat ogres.  More tonight…


1 unit per week commitment
Weeks this year:    1
Units Completed: 0

Skaven Plague Furnace

Added brown to 8 more rats last night and the bases of all the aforementioned items.  Tonight’s date night, so the painting should commence tomorrow night!

Plague furnace really wasn’t that bad to paint, just the inside joints were a pain to get to…


1 unit per week commitment
Weeks this year:    1
Units Completed: 0


Deathmaster Snikch

Holy Crap it’s been a long time since I’ve posted!  Alrighty; new year, new commitment.  I didn’t hit 2 units a week, although I DO think I hit over 65 units painted for last year.  I should have just been happy with 1 unit a week.  :p  So anyways, here we go again:  1 unit per week commitment.  Currently I’m working on 120 rats (4 units), 3 Rat Ogres, a Bone Breaker w/Skaven Warlord, a Warp Lightning canon, 5 assault marines, a dreadnought, a vindicator, 5 sanguinary guard, 5 Blood Crushers, Skulltaker on a Juggernaut, 3 weapons teams, a Warlock engineer, and a chaos dwarf sorcerer on a Lammasu… 16 units altogether.  This will probably be similar to when I was working on all my daemons; a lot of “slow” progress, but I’ll finish several units over the course of a few weeks.

Deathmaster Snikch was pretty easy.  Granted I don’t do any wild advanced paint schemes, but for the most part he was all one color with a few embellishments here and there.  I don’t find assassins to be very valid in the new Skaven book; the couple of times that I have used them, they’ve been pretty worthless…

I’m fairly excited about the new Skaven units coming out; I’ll most likely get one of each of the new items so I can have two Hell Pit Abominations, Plague Claw Catapults, Warp Lightning canons, etc.  I think the Doom Flayer in particular looks very good.  I’m also excited at the prospect of getting a Storm Raven in February…


1 unit per week commitment
Weeks this year:    1
Units Completed: 0

8th Edition

This is coming out so soon I can taste it!  Unfortunately, I have another video contest deadline a week from Sunday, so I’m going to be out for another week or so… in the meantime, enjoy this Plague Mortar!  😀

Plague Monks

Alrighty, lets do a proper update.  These guys are nasty in combat, and I expect them to be doubly nasty in 8th edition… need to get more…

Over the last several weeks, I haven’t done a ton of painting, but I’ve managed to build and prime (with magnetized, exchangeable arms) a Battle force of Tyranids, a box of Gargoyles, and a Hive Tyrant.  In addition to that, I finished a Warlock Engineer, Deathmaster Sniktch, Queek Headtaker, 5 Chaos Knights, and a Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount.  Numbers updated below:


2 units per week commitment
Weeks this year: 26
Units Completed: 59

2250 pts Warriors of Chaos vs. Ogre Kingdoms

Didn’t take super close notes on my battle last night, but here’s the break down.  My Army list:

Throgg the Troll King with 3 Trolls
Exalted Hero on Juggernaut with 5 Chaos Knights
Wulfric the Wanderer with 12 Marauders with Flails
Level 2 Nurgle Sorcerer with 10 Warriors of Chaos with shields
5 War Hounds
5 Marauder Horsemen
10 Forsaken
3 Dragon Ogres
Scyla Anfingrim (Character Spawn)

On the Ogres:

Bruiser with 7 Bulls
20 Gnoblars
5 Iron Guts
4 Lead Belchers
3 Yhetis
Scrap Launcher
3 Man Eaters

Turn 1:
We had a pretty standard deployment, nothing fancy.  Bill took the first turn and moved most of his Ogres forward and his butcher miscast and rolled a 1 on the ogre miscast table.  Fortunately for Bill, the Butcher was not in a unit, so no one else was effected (though the Butcher died).  He took some shots, but the scraplauncher only achieved a killing blow on the Hellcannon, which didn’t count since it was a large target.  On my first turn, I had some unsuccessful magic (I only caused 1 wound on an ogre) and I tried to position my Forsaken, Horsemen, and War Hounds to take charges that my Trolls, Chaos Warriors, and Dragon Ogres could counter charge.  My frenzied Chaos Knights also moved up on the Lead Belchers flank.

Turn 2:
The Ogres charged the Forsaken and the Chaos Warriors, unfortunately.  They shot my warhounds to pieces, killed 5 of my Chaos Warriors, overrunning the rest (including the sorcerer) and killed all of my forsaken, and fired all of their Lead Belchers at my poor Chaos spawn (over 20 out of 30 shots connected).  Also, His Gorger came on the table behind my Hellcannon (I don’t think he knew what it could do in hand to hand).  Things weren’t looking too well.  On my turn, I counter charged with my Trolls and Dragon Ogres and made the Bulls and Iron Guts flee.  The Dragon Ogres overran into the ManEaters, who survived the combat and turned to face the dragon ogres for the next round.  My Chaos Knights routed the Lead Belchers, killing 3 and over running the 4th.  My Hellcannon misfired and ate all of its Chaos Dwarfs.

Turn 3:
The Gorger charged what he thought was a defenseless cannon (snicker); he took a wound and did nothing to the toughness 6, 5 wound cannon.  All of the fleeing Ogres rallied and the Maneaters routed the Dragon Ogres, who had been weakened from the previous two combats, but they did not chase them down.  The Gnoblars bickered (this was the second time, as it also happened in round 1).  The Tyrant charged the flank of the Chaos Knights, attempting to kill the Exalted Hero, but his 0+ armour save stopped the Tyrant from doing any damage and the knights turned to face the tyrant for the next round.  On my turn, the Gorger still did nothing to the hellcannon, but the hellcannon killed the gorger.  The Knights routed the tyrant and ran him down.  The trolls failed their stupidity, but walked right into the rallied bulls and chased them off the table.  Wulfric finally came on the table, but only because I had forgotten to roll for him in turn 1 and 2.

Turn 4:
The Yhettis charged the Hellcannon and did no wounds, however, the hellcannon succesfully hit and wounded on all 5 attacks, so the Yhettis ran, but they were overrun by the Hellcannon.  The Knights took a charge from the rallied Ironguts, but they routed the iron guts and chased them down.  At this point, Bill called the game, as all he had left was Gnoblars, 2 Man Eaters, and a Scrap Launcher.  Plus, it was after midnight.  😀

Super fun game!  Here’s what I learned:

1.  Against multi-wound enemies, Forsaken are only useful if they get the charge; I need to position them better or their frenzy will get them into trouble.
2.  Killing blow does not work against models with a Unit Strength greater than 2.  If you’re going up against an army with a lot of US 3 troops, don’t bother.
3.  Setting up for a counter charge is good, but make sure you set it up in such a way that your opponent takes the bait.
4.  Dragon Ogres have 4 WOUNDS!!!  That is one of their greatest strengths, as it takes that much longer to take one of them out; also, a unit of 3 dragon ogres will always be able to rally, as they cannot be reduced to less than 25%
5.  Knights are super-hard hitting… I should pick up another unit of them…